Accidental Sushi


Accidental Sushi (2014), dimensions variable
Mixed media  (Ready-made embroidered carrier bags, work gloves, foam, sponges, paper, bread, woven beach mat, brick, fluorescent light bulb, cord, text on paper)  / Installation view, 'M29 with Yngve Holen' Exhibition, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin
Accidental Sushi (2014), detail
Accidental Sushi: End of the Rainbow  (2014)
Accidental Sushi: Spicy Tail Feather (2014)
Accidental Sushi: Sacred Cow/Tastes Like Chicken (2014)
/ Accidental Sushi /
Accidental Sushi is a reflection on contemporary culture, inspired by a collective bus experience on the M29 in Berlin with artist Yngve Holen (Ars Viva 2014-15). The work takes the mundane and 'everyday' as its starting point, embodied by the humble sandwich, and marks our fetish for the exotic.



Accidental Sushi (2014), Installation view, 'M29 with Yngve Holen', Autocenter Contemporary Art Space, Berlin, Germany