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Tyler Mallison, Tyler Artist



2021  Turps Art School, London (UK), AltMFA Painting
2017  Syllabus (UK), AltMFA
2005  Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UK), MA
1998  Università per Stranieri di Perugia (IT), Italian language and culture studies
1997  Northwestern University (USA), BA Chemistry
1996  King's College London, University of London (UK), JYA
selected exhibitions
2023  #5 / Progression (solo), Westland Place Studios, Hoxton, London, (UK)
2023  Aesthetica Art Prize (long-list, digital representation), York Art Gallery (UK)
2021   Turps Leavers Show, Thames-Side Gallery, London (UK)
2021   WIP, Turps Gallery, London (UK)
2020   Private View, Westland Place Studios, London (UK)
2019   Showreel, ESP Summer Camp, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (UK)
2019   Alternative Art School Weekender, Curated by TOMA, Ugly Duck, London (UK)
2018   Ene mene muh und raus bist du, Bar Babette, Berlin (DE)
2018   #4 / Progression (solo), Westland Place Studios, Hoxton, London, (UK)
2018   Bring Your Own Performance, SPACE Mare Street, London (UK)
2018   Elysium, Auftakt [Prelude], nGbK, Berlin (DE)
2018   SyllabusMix, 10th Anniversary, Guest Projects, London (UK)
2018   SPACE / LCN Showcase, SPACE Mare Street, London (UK) 
2017   Members Show, OUTPOST, curated by Andy Holden, Norwich (UK)
2017   #3 / Progression (solo), Westland Place Studios, Hoxton, London, (UK)
2017   Syllabus II, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK)
2017   The Opposite of Now, Guest Projects (Shonibare Studio) London (UK)
2017   New Material. Living in a new material world, A.P.T Gallery, Deptford, London (UK) 
2016   Obstructions, curated project by George Vasey, S1 Artspace, Park Hill, Sheffield (UK)
2016   <u: read me/? (solo), Plattenpalast, Berlin (DE)
2016   Museum of Capitalism, curated by Marco Roso (DIS), Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV), Dortmund (DE)
2016   RA Summer Exhibition, curated by Richard Wilson, Royal Academy of Arts, London (UK)
2016   Tools of Resilience, Space Studios, The White Building, London (UK)
2016   FORÅRSUDSTILLINGEN // Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DK)
2015   Show What You Want Show 2: Platform Platvorm, Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
2015   Fingers Crossed III, The Wonder Inn Gallery, Manchester (UK) 
2015   ArtWorks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust, selected by Paul Johnson & Jonathan Baldock, London (UK)
2015   #2 / Progression (solo), Westland Place Studios, Hoxton, London, (UK)
2015   Summerville in Wilmersdorf, Zähringerstr. 2, Berlin (DE)
2015   ACSA15 with Erwin Wurm, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin (DE)
2015   #1 / Progression (solo), Euroart Studios, London (UK)
2015   Fingers Crossed II, The Engine Room, AWOL Studios Gallery & Project Space, Manchester (UK)
2015   Fingers Crossed I, Rogue Studios Project Space and 3rd Floor Gallery, Manchester (UK)
2015   Pop Living, Schwartz Gallery, London (UK)
2014   Shadow of My Former Self (solo), The Window Project Dalston, VFD, London (UK)
2014   Discerning Eye (ING), Mall Galleries, selected by Nicola Green, Emma Stibbon RA & Simon Martin, London (UK)
2014   ACSA14 with Friederike Feldmann, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin (DE)
2014   M29 with Yngve Holen (ACSA14), Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin (DE)
2014   ACSA14 with Eva Berendes, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin (DE)
2014   ACSA14 with Alexandra Leykauf, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin (DE)
2014   The Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, London (UK)
2013   Stars in My Eyes, Schwartz Gallery, London (UK)
2013   HOT-ONE-HUNDRED, Schwartz Gallery, curated by Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, London (UK)
2013   Salon des Refusés, Hoxton Gallery, London (UK)
2006   Landmarks, Lethaby Gallery, London (UK)
2006   Appointed by the Queen: London Dwellers United, Gleisdreieck (STATION), Berlin (DE)
2005   Inside Out, Central Saint Martins MA Degree Show, Oxo Tower Bargehouse Gallery, Southbank (UK)
2005   Unfinished: Investigating Artwork in Transition, LCC, University of the Arts London (UK)
performances and talks
2018   'Focus Group: 180717' (Bring Your Own Performance), SPACE Mare Street, London (UK)
2017   'Smartchairs', Slide Night #8, Guest Projects, London (UK)
2017   New Material: New Networks, New Normal, with Faye Claridge, Mike Harvey, E Jackson, Tom Smith, Laura Wilson, A.P.T Gallery, London (UK)
2017   Public address (audio performance), Digbeth First Friday, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (UK)

curated projects and events

2017   New Material. Living in a new material world, A.P.T Gallery, London (UK)
2017   New Material Newspaper Club with Rosalie Schweiker
2017   New Material Performance: Labo(rat)ori-extended timelayers with Michaela Zimmer, Miguel Altunaga, Jacob O'Connell
2017   New Material: International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation with Mira Calix, Goshka Macuga, Deborah Coughlin
2016   <u: read me/?, Plattenpalast, Berlin (DE)
2005   Inside Out, Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London (UK)
residencies and programmes
2023-25 Transcending the Invisible, research and development with King's College London Photonics & Nanotechnology  
2020-21  Off-site studio painters programme with mentors Neil TaitPhilip Allen, Matt Lippiatt
2017-18  London Creative Network (LCN) at SPACE with artist mentor Kathrin Böhm, SPACE Studios, London (UK)
2017  Guest Projects, Shonibare Studio, London (UK)
2016-17  Syllabus II, Wysing Arts Centre, New Contemporaries, Spike Island, Studio Voltaire, Eastside Projects, S1 Artspace (UK); Curator mentor: George Vasey; Artist mentor: Milly Thompson
2016  Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV), ACSA with Marco Roso (DIS), (DE)
2015  Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin, ACSA with Erwin Wurm (DE)
2014  Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin, ACSA with Alexandra Leykauf, Eva Berendes, Yngve Holen, Friederike Feldmann and art critic Jennifer Allen (DE)


2024   Royal Society: Transcending the Invisible
2023   Aesthetica Art Prize, Longlisted artist
2022   a-n Artists Bursary: Time Space Money 
2020   Arts Council England, Emergency Response Fund (UK) 
2019    Aesthetica Art Prize, Longlisted artist
2017    Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts (UK)
2016   Fenton Arts Trust Bursary / Wysing Arts Centre (UK)
2016   Syllabus II Artist, selected by Kirsty Ogg, Ruth Claxton, Louise Hutchinson, Mat Jenner, Helen Legg, Donna Lynas, Chelsea Pettitt (UK)
2014   Celeste Prize (Painting & Drawing), shortlisted artist by artist-curator Pedro Vélez (IT)
2014   WW SOLO Award, selected artist by Kate Brindley, Cherry Smyth, Lisa Milroy, Sarah Monk (UK)


2023   OUTPOST Board of Trustees, Norwich (UK)
2018    Yinka Shonibare CBE RA, Guest Projects, invited Juror 

press and selected bibliography

2023   'Future Now', Aesthetica Art Prize 2023, 125 Contemporary Artists, ISBN 978-1-3999-4942-2
2019   'Future Now', 100 Contemporary Artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize, Aesthetica Magazine, ISSN 2398-6654
2017   ‘New Material: Living in a New Material World (artist publication), A.P.T Gallery, ISBN: 978-0-9931685-6-7
2017   ‘Living on in a material world: the artistic afterlife of the 1980s’ (Essay), Mark Sheerin
2017   ‘New Material: Technology as Material, Madonna as Muse’. (Interview) The Arts Desk, (25 March), Mark Sheerin
2017   ‘New Material: Living in a New Material World at A.P.T. Gallery’, FAD Magazine, Review (19 March)
2017   The Chronicle, Collectors Agenda, Vienna (AT) / Arco Madrid
2016   Spring Exhibition Catalogue, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK)
2016   Kunsthal Charlottenborg: Spring Exhibition 2016, Rikke Luna & Matias, I Do Art (DK) [Eng PDF]
2016   'Giving Form to an Uncertain Space' (Artist Interview), Collectors Agenda, Vienna (AT)
2015   'Progression / Prime Arcadia', Platform Platvorm, The Second Issue, Amsterdam (NL)
2014   'Mapping Contemporary Art', Interview (video), Manuela Johanna Covini, Berlin (DE)
2014   'New Perspectives: A Glimpse into the Minds and Work of Three Captivating Artists', Raimond Radtke, COIO 5, Basel (CH)
2007   'Grafikdesign Wozu: Ein Handbuch' (German edition), Alice Twemlow, Stiebner, Munich (DE)
2006   'Berlin Show: DesignMai & IV Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art', Laura Maggi, Elle Décor Italia (May issue) (IT)
2006   'What is Graphic Design For?' [Essential Design Handbook: Hardcover], Alice Twemlow, RotoVision, (CH)
2006   Core 77: Design Magazine and Resource: Photo Gallery:​
2005   'Project Wardrobe', MA Thesis, Central Saint Martins, Comments by curator Stuart Comer at Tate Modern, London (UK)


2015   'Contemporary Reflections', Interview with Eva Berendes, Joep van Liefland, Gianni Moretti, COIO 6, Basel (CH)
2013   'Mi Sogna Venezia: The Lure of Venice through the Lens of the Biennale', COIO 4, Basel (CH)

selected press

The arts desk
FAD magazine
Collector's Agenda 
Artist and painter
*1975 USA/UK
lives and works in London

Tyler Mallison, info


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