Working Prototype

Tyler Mallison, Real Demo (DTM), HMKV 2016
End as beginning or middle (Working Prototype. Proposition for a better way of working), 2017-18
Printed card and tape on wood panel (Detail)


Tyler Mallison, Real Demo (DTM) 2016 (detail)
Working Prototype (Proposition for a better way of working) 2017
[featuring USB jump rope (charge in capture all in one); Powerblocks, Pros and Cons Mat (Tools of productivity)]
Powder coated steel (made in London), plastic, steel roller stands, 3D printed plastic, weighted plastic-coated jump rope cable, printed eco-rubber yoga mat, vacuum wrapped plastic foam yoga blocks, 2-Gang plug socket with 2 USB ports, screwdrivers

Dimensions variable (ca. 3 x 2.5 x 1.1m) (L x W x H)

(Exhibition view: A.P.T Gallery, 2017)