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Primark T-Shirts. Standing Desks. Pictures of nothing...

"Giving form to an uncertain space."

"I don't think about materials as being merely visible objects or necessarily things."

Video still from artwork 'Fieldwork' (2018) by artist Tyler Mallison


Tyler Mallison (*1975 USA, UK) is London-based  multidisciplinary artist. With an interest in the notion of potential and questions of agency and logic, his work engages with an iterative process of 'making sense of things'— combining research into emerging societal, economic, and technological narratives with hands-on material exploration and active speculation. Subjects are fluid and often personal, creating traces of complex thought through multi-referential objects that challenge perception(s) and invite moments of pause.

Mallison’s work has featured in exhibitions at SPACE Mare Street, London; A.P.T Gallery, London; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Royal Academy of Arts; Barbican Arts Group Trust; Plattenpalast Berlin; HMKV, Dortmund; Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; and Collectors Agenda, ARCOmadrid. Past residencies include Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin, Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV), and Guest Projects London. He holds an interdisciplinary MA from Central Saint Martins and BA in Chemistry from Northwestern University, in addition to completing AltMFAs with Turps Art School (painting) and nationally selected ‘Syllabus’.

Artist and painter Tyler Mallison in the studio with paintings from 'NTIME' series


Selected Press

Detail of 'Working Prototype' artwork installation by artist Tyler Mallison

FAD Magazine

Living in a new material world at A.P.T. Gallery

Artist Tyler Mallison with peer artists from 'Syllabus'


Ten artists selected for Syllabus II, a national programme delivered by Wysing Arts Centre, Studio Voltaire, Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace and Spike Island.

Installation of 'Working Prototype' artwork in 'New Material' exhibition at APT Gallery London

The Arts Desk

Technology as material, Madonna as muse: the artist talks about the themes shaping his current exhibition. 

Artist and painter Tyler Mallison in his studio

Collectors Agenda

In the studio: Tyler Mallison, London


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