Exposing the Sequence

Exposing the sequence (Project Wardrobe), 2005-2006
'Appointed by The Queen: London Dwellers United', Gleisdreieck (Station) Berlin, 2006


Exposing the sequence (Project Wardrobe), dimensions variable

installation View, Gleisdreieck (Station) Berlin, 2006

Exposing the sequence (Project Wardrobe) (detail: digital animation and photographic c-type prints)

Gleisdreieck (Station) Berlin 2006

Exposing the Sequence (Project Wardrobe) 2005

Digital portrait paintings (Archival inkjet pigment on canvas), audio recording on loop, c-type photographs, clothing

dimensions variable (Installation view: Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London), 2005

/ Exposing the Sequence /
‘Exposing the Sequence' is a series of abstract portraits or nudes: Each work presents the individual through the contents of their wardrobe, exposing a unique blueprint, code or DNA built of common building blocks.  It strips its subject bare, allowing others to see an unmediated, holistic picture view.
/ Project Wardrobe /
'Project Wardrobe™ explores the notion of identity through apparel. But rather than style or trend, it seeks to distil and deconstruct the complexity of self-expression into an almost socialistic notion of clothing comprising timeless building blocks common to all, but quietly unique to each individual. A point made more profound by the increasingly globalised and homogeonised nature of contemporary culture.
The work also seeks to reveal the extent to which we each consume, hoard and focus on constructing our self-image. Ultimately, it allows others to look for patterns, reflect on their own clothing and its role in their identity and even prompt comparative judgement, or awe, about personal consumption and the material culture prevalent in modern society.

Gordana 18/11/05

Archival pigment print on canvas, 76 x 76 cm

Christian 17/11/05

Archival inkjet pigment on canvas, 76 X 97 cm

Kim 20/11/05

Archival inkjet pigment on canvas, 97 X 97 cm

Self Portrait 16/11/05

Archival inkjet pigment on canvas, 97 X 112 cm

Ben 20/11/05

Archival inkjet pigment on canvas, 122 X 137 cm