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Tyler Mallison

< u: read me / ?

< u: read me / ?

Plattenpalast, Berlin

Exhibition (Solo)

PV: Su 06.11.16, 15-18h
Exhibition Dates: 06.11.16 - 27.11.16

u: read me/? (2016) is a solo presentation and site specific intervention at the Plattenpalast by London-based artist, Tyler Mallison, exploring boundaries, potential and systematic failure.

Delving into the inherent conditions of the digital-corporeal interface, Mallison’s work gives form to an elusive and contradictory space where desire and self-determination coexist and collaborate with anxiety, speculation and broken logic. Where image construction is confined to surface and language skips and bumps.

A palpable sense of ‘self-made’ productivity lingers: real material and standing desk height declare our modernity. If only this system wouldn’t keep crashing. I’ll try again, u: read me/ ?

Between Arkonaplatz & Mauerpark / Transport: U Bahnhof Eberswalde Strasse / U Bahnhof Bernauer Strasse / Tram M10

Wolliner Straße, 10435 Berlin, Mitte, Germany

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