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Tyler Mallison

Artist Residency: ACSA 14

Artist Residency: ACSA 14

Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin

Artwork development and public presentations

July 2014

This month was productive: Exciting and exhausting in equal measure, working alongside a diverse group of artists from around the world and Berlin-based artists Alexandra Leykauf, Eva Berendes, Yngve Holen and Friederike Feldmann.

Complementing studio work was an active critical discourse on contemporary art practice, including talks and studio visits with Kristine Siegel of Praxes, Marcus Steinweg, Nina Tabassomi, Sven Lütticken, Kolja Reichert, Uta Grosenick, Andreas Koch, Johan Holten and Jennifer Allen, among others.

Special thanks to the amazing Autocenter team for their brilliant support, organisation and general good times— Joep, Maik, Karola, Simone, Mark and Felicitas.

Leipziger Straße 56, Berlin, Germany

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