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‘NTIME’ paintings by Tyler Mallison mounted close to one another on the walls in a white gallery space with grey floor. They are modern, abstract and minimal. They are very light with low contrast and take time to see fully with the eye. They seem mysterious and elusive. They could be superficially interpreted as being windows, digital screens, shadows or drawings.





2020 – 2024 (ongoing)


Turps Gallery, London / Thames-Side Gallery, London / York Art Gallery (Aesthetica Art Prize 2023)

'Just notice without judgement.'

'It's as much about painting, as it is about everything.'

‘What you see is what you can and cannot see’ (In response to F. Stella)

—Tyler Mallison, 2020-2021


Synthetic polymer, pigment and graphite pencil on canvas, 150 x 100cm

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