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Untitled ‘Chair constructions’ artwork by artist and painter Tyler Mallison featuring vintage East German (DDR) chairs, jute hessian fabric and geometric abstract forms



Photography, Installation, Drawing, Sculpture




Autocenter Berlin, 2014 / Royal Academy of Arts London, 2016

Chair Constructions is a systematic investigation of construction, representation and abstraction of image. It was produced through a series of performative acts using available DDR chairs, jute hessian and basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin on Leipziger Strasse in Mitte.

In this body of work, digital SLR Autofocus technology assumes the role of primary viewer, generating an immediate reading of each situation or instantiation. Geometric abstraction becomes residue of this displacement, mediating what is seen and reinforcing the increasingly secondary position of the human viewpoint in perceiving the ‘real’ material world.


Untitled (Chair Constructions), 2014
Photographic pigment prints on archival paper, 59.4 x 84.1 cm with natural jute hessian / Installation view, Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin, Germany

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