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Still from the video artwork 'Focus Group' by Tyler Mallison, featuring two people dressed in white shorts and t-shirts next to a long fluorescent light with jump ropes and blocks in a large industrial courtyard in East London. The still frame is mostly green as a result of a technology glitch.

Focus Group


Performance, Installation, Video, Sound


2018, 2019


SPACE Mare Street, London / Eastside Projects, Birmingham

Exploring themes of flow, surveillance, individual agency and dematerialisation of the body, Focus Group centres around the spontaneous, unchoreographed interaction of 'recruits' with prototype objects set within a sonic landscape. Over the course of one evening, light, time, and inner workings of the mind materialise and take form through footage captured from simultaneous vantage points over four live sessions—observed by artist researcher, digital camera, and the public.


Durational, site-specific performance: Focus Group (180818) conducted at SPACE Mare Street
Focus Group, 2019 (HD video): 12 min

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