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Installation view of ‘Pinball Communion’ artwork by artist Tyler Mallison, featuring abstract 3D drawing and kneeling figure printed onto paper. The work is mounted on a white wall in an art gallery and the lower section projects into the room at an angle suggestive of a pinball machine. A plinth with a black ball and glass chalice sits to the right.

Pinball Communion


Drawing, Photography, Sculpture




Autocenter Contemporary Art, Berlin

Starting with Alfred Korzybski's a map is not the territory, Pinball Communion explores the contemporary position of institutional structures using non-secular architecture, found imagery, 3D drawing and objects to prompt questions of 'the game.'

'The institution. A Machine. We become baptised, succumb to its doctrines, kneel before its glory, its beliefs. We will no longer be pagans or primitives, forced to wear the earth. No, it will feed us what we must know. It will shape our direction and ensure that we are reminded of the base alternative should we falter. Traps exist at every corner. And opportunities for salvation.' - The Artist


Pinball Communion, 2014
Mixed Media (Monochrome prints on paper, structured paper board, paper, graphite, tape, nails, felt, foam, paint, found cut glass chalice), 200 x 75 x 20cm

Celeste Prize (Painting & Drawing) 2014, shortlisted by artist-curator Pedro Vélez (IT)

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