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Project Wardrobe


Painting, Photography, Audio




Oxo Tower Gallery / Gleisdreieck (Station) Berlin

Project Wardrobe™ explores the notion of identity through apparel. But rather than focus on ‘style’ and trend, the work seeks to distil and deconstruct the complexity of self-expression into an almost socialistic notion of clothing comprising a set of timeless building blocks common to all, but quietly unique to each individual. A point made more profound by the increasingly globalised and homogenised nature of contemporary culture.

‘Raw Data’ is the documentation of my interaction with individuals and their wardrobes. It includes audio and photography—comprising over 500 images and 20 hours of dialogue collected during my research. The result is a multi-sensory portrait of the obsessive nature of our image building and the fetishisation of the objects we desire and collect.


Exposing the sequence (Project Wardrobe), 2005-2006
SELF PORTRAIT 16/11/05, KIM 20/11/05, CHRISTIAN 17/11/05, BEN 20/11/05, GORDANA 18/11/05
Archival pigment prints on canvas, polymer and paper, animation, textiles (solid T-shirts)

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