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Exhibition view of 'Word Fails Me' artwork by Tyler Mallison at the exhibition 'New Material. Living in a new material world' at A.P.T Gallery, London (UK) in 2017

Word Fails Me


Painting, Sculpture, Installation


2016, 2017


A.P.T. Gallery, London / Plattenpalast, Berlin

"$%!T... What happened to the file? I was saying, 'I try to avoid attempts to 'explain' my work as it always leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Ambiguity has a place in art, unlike the commercial world."

—Tyler Mallison, 2016 (Interview, Collectors Agenda)


Word Fails Me, 2016-2017
Corrupted data, cast acrylic, UV ink, extruded aluminium*, adjustable steel and wood effect standing desks (Made in China), vinyl cut lettering.

Installation dimensions variable
*[specs: 5-10 mm / 40x80, 50x100, 45x60, 40x80 / 1.00-2.29kg / 15”]

Exhibition view: 'New Material. Living in a new material world', A.P.T Gallery, London 2017 Arts Council England. (Front gallery with Michaela Zimmer.

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