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Working Prototype, 2017

Working Prototype


Sculpture, Installation




A.P.T. Gallery, London

“We’ve already evolved into urban dwellers inhabiting capitalist service economies, humans an extension to machines. The ‘standing desk’ is just the beginning. Where will we go next and who is fit to evolve? We need a ‘working prototype’…”

—Proposition for a better way of working, 2017
(Pre-global pandemic)


'Working Prototype (Proposition for a better way of working)', 2017 [Featuring 'Tools of Productivity': USB Jump Rope (Charge and capture all in one); Powerblocks (1.0), Pros and Cons Mat ]

Powder coated steel (made in London), plastic, 3D printed polymer, weighted plastic-coated cable, printed eco-rubber, 2-Gang plug socket with 2 USB ports, screwdrivers

Dimensions variable (ca. 3 x 2.5 x 1.1m)

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