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Tyler Mallison

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

'What you see is what you can and cannot see'

Event: International Day of Light

17 May 2024, 6-9pm, King's College London

To celebrate the International Day of Light, the scientists and artists behind ‘Transcending the invisible’ are hosting an event at King’s College London. Dr Sasha Rakovich & Dr Vittorio Aita will be discussing colour, light and nanomaterials; alongside artist talks covering their concerns and artistic output in relation to light.

My performative talk entitled ‘What you see is what you can and cannot see’, examines the complexity underlying my multidisciplinary work in terms of the seen and unseen— connecting materials, systems, light and perception(s) to wider meta narratives relating to the human experience in the face of accelerated technology.

The title references the maxim by the American painter Frank Stella and relates to my recent developments within painting which seek to push the medium’s boundaries and potential, whilst offering alternative perspectives into light interactions and our capacity to ‘see’.

Transcending the Invisible is a unique collaboration between Photonics & Nanotechnology researchers at King’s College London and a small cohort of artists: James Fox, Lily Hassioti, Tyler Mallison, Grace Pappas, David Penny, and Yukako Tanaka. The project is funded by the Royal Society.

The Arcade at Bush House, KCL, Strand, London, UK

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