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Tyler Mallison

Summerville in Wilmersdorf

Summerville in Wilmersdorf

Zähringerstr. 2, Berlin

Group exhibition

2 August 2015
Preview: 2-5pm

Summer picnic in the 250 square meters of a recently vacated flat in the traditional Berlin style of the swinging 1920s. Top floor. Lift goes every hour on the hour. Bathing allowed. Bring blankets and cake, if you want. Ring the bell at CMC Kuhnke.

Artists include Sabine Bokelberg, Bert Didillon, Freshwhite, Jorn Ebner, Hanako Geierhos, Björn Geipel, Ingo Gerken, Annika Hippler, Martin Hoener, Rosemary Hogarth, Katharina Kamph, Tyler Mallison, Florian Schmidt, Anja Schwörer, Stefanie Seufert, Maria Unverricht, Siebren Versteeg, Marie von Heyl, Michaela Zimmer.

Images: Shadow of My Former Self (Gif Series), 2013-2015, installation view, ‘Summersville in Wilmersdof’, 2015

Zähringerstraße 2, Berlin, Germany

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